Question: Why does the “general pass” only include evening performances, and not the daytime events?

Answer:  Many of the daytime events are held in small venues, with limited seating.  To avoid overcrowding, tickets must be purchased separately for the individual daytime events.


Question: I purchased tickets online.  Will these be sent to me, or do I pick them up when I come to the festival?

Answer:  After your online purchase, print your receipt, and bring it with you to the festival. Tickets will be held for you at the festival and may be picked up when you arrive.


Question: May I buy advance tickets in person, rather than online?

Answer: Yes, tickets may be purchased at Tender Land on Main Street in Phoenicia.


Question: May I buy advance tickets in person, rather than online?

Answer: Yes, tickets may be purchased at our office at 90 Main Street in Phoenicia. We’re open weekdays from 10am to 4pm.


Question: What if I lose my ticket? Will I get a refund or replacement tickets?

Answer: No, unfortunately we can’t do that. Hold onto your tickets!



Question: May I bring my dog with me?

Answer: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the performances.


Question: How early may I arrive at Parish Field for the evening events?

Answer:  Admission to the field is scheduled to start one hour before the performances.


Question: I know there is limited parking close to Parish Field. How do I get to the performance if I park in one of the outer lots?

Answer: There will be a shuttle van between the larger parking lots and Parish Field for the evening events.


Question: Can I bring food with me?

Answer: Absolutely! Bring a picnic and your favorite beverage. Some even bring tables, candles… But if you do not, you will find everything you need in town or even on the field.


Question: How long does the opera last?

Answer: Running times vary per opera, but they last approximately 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours in length, with at least one intermission.


Question: Will I understand what they are singing?

Answer: Yes. English translations of the lyrics are projected on a screen above the stage as they are sung. And a full synopsis of the opera is provided  on our website  and in the program.


Children at the Festival

The Phoenicia Festival of the Voice welcomes children and invites them to run around and play freely and happily before the music starts and during intermissions. But once the baton is raised and the show begins, we expect all children to do what every theatergoer should do—behave in a way that respects both their fellow audience-members and the performers on stage



The Phoenicia Festival of the Voice is committed to enabling everyone to hear music in harmony and comfort. For handicapped or disabled patrons, we provide parking in specially designated spaces. The terrain of Parish Field, our main stage area, is flat but grassy, and if your wheelchair does not move well on it, we can drive you to your seat in a golf cart. Bathrooms are wheelchair-accessible.


PFoV in the Community

The Phoenicia Festival of the Voice lasts less a week, but we live in this community year-round, and our community is integral to our purpose and our success.

Quite simply, there wouldn’t be a Phoenicia Festival of the Voice without the help of the community—not just of Phoenicia itself, but of the other villages and hamlets along the Route 28 corridor of the central Catskills. The members of our community staff the Festival, serve as its army of volunteers, host artists and stage folk in their homes during Festival week, perform as members of two local choral groups and as extras and interns, and stay to applaud till the last encore has sounded. Happily, the beneficial relationship between the Festival and the community is mutual.

Over the years, as the Festival has drawn thousands of visitors—literally from around the world—it has also stimulated additional local activities, artistic and otherwise, serving as a spur to the region’s economic strength and boosting awareness of the beauties of the area and of its diverse recreational activities. We’ve also reached out around the area and across the generations to make music an essential part of community life year-round. The Phoenicia Community Choir and the Woodstock Community Chorale, both created by Maria Todaro,  perform annually at the Festival and are featured as well at numerous local events year-round. And take a look at this year’s official Festival of the Voice banner. It was designed, as is each annual banner, by a local artist working with a handful of children chosen for their artistic potential.

All this ongoing community interaction reaches its peak at the Festival, when we call upon everyone in the audience, wherever you hail from, to experience the exhilaration of group performance when the Community Sings. No wonder we’re so proud to have been the 2017 recipients of the Health Alliance Foundation’s 2017 Community Service Award.



Llobet Medical Group  42082 State Highway 28, Margaretville NY (845-586-3888)

Maverick Family Health   4080 Route 28, Boiceville, NY (845-657-7820)

Margaretville Hospital  42084 Route 28, Margaretville, NY (845 -586-2631)

Phoenicia Pharmacy Main Street at Route 214, Phoenicia, NY (845-688-2215)

Health Alliance Hospital  105 Mary’s Ave, Kingston, NY (845-338-2500)


Key Bank  53 Main Street, Phoenicia, NY (845-688-7000)

Ulster Savings Bank  58 Main Street, Phoenicia, NY (845-688-5965)



Information about local stores and businesses can be found at Phoenicia’s very own website at PhoeniciaNY.com.



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