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Treemonisha, Excerpts from the Opera

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With music reimagined and restructured by Houston Grand Opera composer-in-residence, Damien Sneed, The opera is concerned with the plight of the newly-freed slaves who, because they lack education, fall easy prey to conjurers and superstition in the post-Civil War South. The liberation of a people through education and the concept of women's liberation are the crux of Joplin's message. Joplin focuses on the need for education to eradicate prejudice, superstition, and ignorance.

Damien Sneed - Conductor/Arranger/Pianist
Brandie Sutton - Treemonisha
Djore' Nance - Ned
Norman Shankle - Remus
Geraldine McMillan - Monisha
Daniel Rich - Zodzetrick
Parson Alltalk - Luddud
Edward Washington-Cephus - Andy
Arcia Marie Stokes - Lucy