L'Elisir d'Amore: An Opera in Two Parts by Donizetti

elixir of love slider.jpg

This year’s main stage opera is “L’Elisir d’Amore,” a classic Italian opera written by composer Gaetano Donizetti, which originally premiered in Milan in 1832.

This two-part comic opera, “Elixir of Love,” is one of the most frequently performed operas worldwide. Veteran opera-lovers will appreciate the classic and novice opera-goers will recognize some of its songs.

While a classic production, the performance at Phoenicia Festival of the Voice will be no ordinary reproduction. Stage Director (and Festival Director) Maria Todaro is creating opera history by re-imaging the classic story, typically set in Basque Country, by setting the production in a Ghanaian village. The exclusive cast of African American artists includes Orson Van Gay II, Jasmine Habersham, Leroy Davis, Lawrence Craig, and Jordan Taylor. These well-known and loved voices will join together to make opera history at FOV 2019.

The performance of this luminary cast will be complemented by an orchestra filled with African drums and dancers representing the culture of Ghana and the greater African continent. The entire opera has been reimagined to celebrate and honor the heritage and culture of African Americans and their history, including their ancestors and relatives of Africa. The show will be an exciting performance, combining voice, drama, comedy, orchestra, drums, and dancing.

Join the characters in a romantic quest for sincerity and true love that, at times, also happens to be quite funny. Will Nemorino (Van Gay II) win the heart of Adina (Habersham), or will Sergeant Belcore (Davis) convince her to be his wife? A little love potion from Dr. Dulcamara (Craig) might do the trick for Nemorino, as will Giannetta’s gossiping (Taylor), but what antics ensue will have you laughing in your seat with a full heart.

Join us at FOV 2019 to celebrate and honor African American culture and history with a re-imagining of “L’Elisir d’Amore.”