Keillor Mose, Shapenotes Presenter


Event: Shapenotes

Shapenotes are a kind of musical notation designed to make it easy for everyone, including people who don’t read music, to find the pitch, follow the musical line in a score, and sing together as a congregation or community. It is one of America's oldest notated music traditions, and for years, Keillor Mose has traveled all across the country teaching, leading, and singing the Shapenote way. No wonder he believes there is no greater joy than to lift your voice with others. He contends that whether or not you fancy yourself a singer, Shapenote singing from the Sacred Harp tunebook will have you singing in harmony as if born to it. It starts with an old-fashioned “singing school” on the rudiments of music and ends with, in Keillor’s words, “a joyful noise.”

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