Mamoudou Konate, Drummer


Event: Elixir of Love

Mamoudou Konate was born in Burkina Faso, West Africa, which is a country rich in drumming and storytelling. He received his musical gifts as a descendant of Griots (storytellers) from both his mother’s (Diarra) and his father’s (Konate) lineage. Mamoudou learned the rhythms as an infant while his mother carried him on her back in an African Kanga, or gave him a tomato can to bang to play the rhythms that she sang at the ceremonies. Mamoudou has a natural ability to "feel" and communicate the stories and histories of ancient and modern West Africa through his drums and music.

An accomplished Percussionist, he began his professional drumming at the age of seven when a young lady in the village bought him his first djembe. No more tomato cans for Mamoudou! Truly a maestro, he has performed in Africa, Europe, Canada and America, all the while fine-tuning his abilities, talents and knowledge, yet keeping traditional West African drumming flourishing.

As music continues to evolve and in his ongoing quest to learn and teach, Mamoudou has broadened his spectrum and can play any genre of music and has incorporated this into his own individual style.

Notwithstanding, in addition to his being a remarkable percussionist, he is a teacher, educator, composer, singer, arranger, director and band leader of AfroPercussion Benkadi.

With today's ever changing music and his gift of talent, Mamoudou Konate is a spot-on professional. 

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