Nugget, Stormy, Strawberry, Birdie Num Num

Role: Chickens

The star chicken.jpg

Nugget: A 3 month old Cinnamon Queen, and she really lives up to her name! She soars figuratively as a high soprano, and literally around the yard. She was the first chick to fly out of the brooder box, and we expect she’ll reach great heights as a soloist. She enjoys watermelon rinds, Alban Berg and Kandinsky paintings.

Stormy: This 3 month old Easter Egger may actually be the most docile hen in the flock. She likes to cuddle on the porch and serenade us with her rich contralto voice. She is deeply drawn to early music and Baroque works. She enjoys stale cereal, Truffaut films and Gaudi’s architecture.

Strawberry: At 4 years old, this matriarch of the backyard flock has weathered a brilliant and stormy career. Competition for top soprano chicken has been fierce, and no one can deny that she has pecked her way to the top. But she is also sweet and cuddly with her friends and loved ones. She enjoys garbanzo beans, Tchaikovsky and Mark Morris’s choreography.

Birdie Num Num: A 2 year old Cuckoo Maran. Despite having broken a toe as a young chicken in an infortunate yachting accident, she is quite graceful. She serenades the neighborhood with her deep alto “laying song”. She also enjoys tomatoes, Shakespeare and Mahler.