2019 Festival

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10 Year GalaDecade of Opera Favorites 

Friday, August 2, 8:00 – 10:00 pm

The Festival of the Voice celebrates its 10 year Anniversary by bringing some of your favorite stars and operas from past years. You will want to be there for our opening night when the retrospective of previous years could include favorite arias from Madama Butterfly, Carmen, Barber of Seville, LaBoheme and more.

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Latte Lecture

Saturday, August 3, 10:00 – 11am
Sunday, August 4, 10:00 – 11am

Maria Todaro, Director and  David Wroe, conductor share highlights of  Elixir of Love and their preparation.

August 4th Latte Lecture -Erased Women of the Catskills
Panelists: Violet Snow, Deborah A. Zuill, White Feather, Maryanne DiPalma Buchele 

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Lady Parts,  Music of the Abolition Movement

Saturday, August 3, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Lady Parts returns to this year’s event festival as they explore the role of abolitionists, the struggle for racial equality and secret meanings for escaping slaves in the musical form of the spiritual.  Join us as we stand beside all of our brothers and sisters.

Tonna Miller - Soprano; Phyllis Whitehouse -Soprano ; Catherine Thorpe - Soprano; Agueda Fernandez-Abad - Mezzo-Soprano

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Souvenir, Play by Stephen Temperley

August 3, Saturday, 1:30 pm
August 4, Sunday, 3:15 pm

Back by popular demand, the biographical play about dissonant diva Florence Foster Jenkins, an amateur operatic soprano.  Her Philadelphia and New York recitals were well attended and elicited as much laughter as applause — as it will from you as well.  She famously put it: “people may say I can’t sing, but on one can ever say I didn’t sing.”

Bob Stillman - Cosme McMoon; Liz McCartney - Florence Foster Jenkins

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Music of the African Diaspora, Kolb and Harrison

August 3, Saturday, 4:00 pm
August 4, Sunday, 5:30 pm

The children of Africa have continued and enhanced their ancestors rich musical and dance tradition.   This compelling music of this program is  both texturally thick and yet fine as in musical minimalism. Orchestral like piano with soft spoken and sometimes strident voice performance. The collaborative partners Carey Harrison and Justin Kolb present a shower of complex rhythms, with sonics ranging from familiar jazz “licks” to mind-bending melodies with traditional and some “out there” harmonics.  The program of colorful texture, light hearted melodies and complex rhythms is interlaced with spoken text authored by Carey Harrison.  Carey’s prose is supported with additional words of Langston Hughes, et al.  Harrison’s oratory and Kolb’s virtuosity address music and concepts of, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, Egypt, United Kingdom, Cuba, and the USA.  This music of the African Diaspora bears witness to the remarkable journey of a vibrant, inventive, and resilient people.

The term diaspora originated from the Greek diaspora, literally “scattering.”  The transatlantic slave trade is often considered the defining element.  It refers to West and Central Africans who were enslaved and shipped to the Americas via the Atlantic slave trade between the 16th and 19th centuries.  These Africans were “scattered” throughout Brazil, United States, and Haiti.  The African Diaspora consists of the worldwide collection of communities descended from Africa’s people, predominately in the Americas.  Today African-Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Black Canadians are descendants of the enslaved West Africans and are part of the African Diaspora.

The collaborators acknowledge and thank William H. Chapman Nyaho for the publishing of his research and editing of the music of this presentation save the compositions of Alfredo Diez Nieto and Tania Leon. We also thank Professors Diez-Nieto and Leon for their contributions to this program.

Justin Kolb - Pianist; Carey Harrison - Narrator

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Treemonisha, Excerpts from the Opera

Saturday, August 3, 5:30

With music reimagined and restructured by Houston Grand Opera composer-in-residence, Damien Sneed, The opera is concerned with the plight of the newly-freed slaves who, because they lack education, fall easy prey to conjurers and superstition in the post-Civil War South. The liberation of a people through education and the concept of women's liberation are the crux of Joplin's message. Joplin focuses on the need for education to eradicate prejudice, superstition, and ignorance. 

Damien Sneed - Conductor/Arranger/Pianist; Brandie Sutton - Treemonisha; Djore' Nance - Ned; Norman Shankle - Remus; Geraldine McMillan - Monisha; Daniel Rich - Zodzetrick; Parson Alltalk - Luddud; Edward Washington-Cephus - Andy; Arcia Marie Stokes- Lucy

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The Elixir of Love, Opera in Two Acts by Donizetti

Saturday, August 3, 7:30 – 8:00 pm - Pre-talk Elixir of Love
Saturday, August 3, 8:00 – 11:00 pm

It is a celebration of innocence, so what could be better than a remote African village. Nemorino is a likable but hopeless romantic who has fallen in love with the bold and quick-witted Adina. She rebuffs his pleas of love and things get worse when she has an offer of marriage from the self-important Sergeant Belcore. When a dubious witchdoctor, Dulcamara, rolls into town he offers Nemorino what seems like the perfect solution – The Elixir of Love.

Jasmine Habersham - Adina; Orson van Gay II - Nemorino; Lawrence Craig - Dr. Dulcamara; Leroy Davis - Sgt. Belcore; Jordan Taylor - Giannetta; David Mayfield - Chorus Master and Rehearsal Pianist; Sylvestre K. Akakpo Adzaku - Drummer; Mamoudou Konater - Dancer; Pia Monique Murray - Dancer; Phoenicia Festival of the Voice Orchestra — Featuring All African-American Chorus, Chickens, Goats.

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Shape Notes, Audience Workshop

Sunday, August 4, 11:00 – 12:00 am

Shapes are added to the noteheads in the score.  Even if you think you can’t read music, this workshop will have you singing with the choir in one brief session.

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Sunday, August 4, 1:30 pm

Jesus Christ Superstar, widely considered the first true rock opera, was released as a double album in 1970 with music by the legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber with lyrics by Grammy, Tony, Academy, and Emmy award-winner Tim Rice.  Originally recorded as a concept album, it tells the story of the last week of Jesus’s life from his entrance into Jerusalem to his crucifixion.

The original album featured Ian Gillan (vocalist Deep Purple) as Jesus, Murray Head (“One Night in Bangkok”) as Judas, and Yvonne Elliman (“If I Can’t Have You”) as Mary Magdalene.  It set the stage for the highly acclaimed Tony Award-nominated Broadway production, a feature film, countless national and international stage performances, while remaining iconic in its original form.

This show is a celebration of that original 1970 double album, performed by the incredible Master Program students of Paul Green Rock Academy, and is sure to be loved all JCS fans... especially those who hold the original album as the one true JCS! 

Closing Gala, Celebration of Talent-Rich Catskills

August 4, Sunday, 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Our very own Catskill Mountains are brimming with talent. To honor our time long tradition of including local talent in our operas and other shows, we will celebrate presenting our home grown talent vocally and musically as they present all genres ranging from classical, jazz, Broadway and rock. Come enjoy and let your talented neighbors entertain you.

Loren Daniels and Exchange featuring : Loren Daniels; Robert Warren; Harvey Boyer and his children's chorus; The Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice Chorus and The Woodstock Rock Academy. 

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DJ SKOOB E - Rocks It for You

August 4, Sunday, 9:00 pm

There is no other way for us to end this 10 Year Anniversary Celebration but with a Dance Party.  The stage will be cleared, the DJ will be there, and everyone is invited to join us for some moving and shaking fun.  We want to do this with you and for you as you are the ones that have made this happen with us.


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