2018 Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice

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The Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice, a program of the Phoenicia Festival of the Voice Foundation, utilizes the power of the human voice to inspire, empower and heal. Through captivating, internationally  acclaimed performances, the Festival of the Voice Foundation seeks to expose and popularize the vocal arts, making them approachable and novel, discovering and developing new talents--locally, nationally and internationally--and lastly, acts as an economic engine to increase the value and popularity of the area.

The Festival offers something for everyone. Visitors stroll from venue to venue enjoying the lovely stores and restaurants on Main Street while breathing the pure mountain air, and listen to vocal music  in its highest form in the heart of the Catskills.



The Festival of the Voice could not take place without the support of a dedicated team of volunteers, both in the months leading up to the Festival and during the Festival, August 1 to August 6, and of course a few days after.  Click below to find out how you can be a part of this amazing Festival family. 


House an Artist

Each year, we welcome the most exceptional world-class talent to Phoenicia. This festival is only possible with the generous and amazing hosts that share their homes with our artists each year. If you would be interested in opening up your home to one of these brilliant performers, please click below. We'd love to meet you!