Date August 3
Time 7:30 pm

Two fools:  a father, a daughter; she’s a teenager-in-love protected by a hated jokester. Plus, a young and powerful man on the prowl. That’s a dangerous mix.

Lightning strikes when these three lives meet. So begins the tale of RIGOLETTO.

They are thrown onto the path of self-destruction. The more Rigoletto tries to “fix” things, the more he ruins. He’s blind to his actions. None can control their desire.

Rigoletto —  is he everyone’s fool or no one’s idiot?

Will he be the ultimate victim of his own bad karma?  His cruel tongue can dish it out, but when turned on him, how will he take it?

Join us and see for yourself as you hear this tale of three lives spun out-of-control.

RIGOLETTO —  Verdi’s masterpiece of love, hate, jealousy and revenge.

RIGOLETTO — an opera which will change you.

Synopsis- The story of ‘Rigoletto’ is in many ways the story of ‘everyman’. Rigoletto, the court ‘clown’ feels forced to live two diametrically opposed lives. His public persona as the jester of the court of Mantua demands that he ridicule the weak, laud the lecherous and help pimp daughters and wives for his master, the Duke. In short, he feels forced to act as the world sees him, a deformed buffoon. But he himself has a daughter, in whose presence he becomes a strong, loving protector. Ah, well did Shakespeare write “to thine own self be true”. Rigoletto’s own hypocrisy assails him as those he loves to ridicule abduct his daughter and present her to his master to defile. The great paradox is that his daughter is in love with the very libertine master that Rigoletto despises. And the paradox becomes even greater as Rigoletto then Rigoletto plots the death of the Duke only to see his worst nightmare become a reality.  InRigoletto, Verdi has written some of his most glorious music and several of the most famous ‘tunes’ in opera. The poignancy of the story is matched by the perfect descriptiveness of Verdi’s sensational score.


Conducted by Steven White

Directed by Beth Greenberg

Festival Main Stage ( access Ava Maria Drive)

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